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Command Help

If you've already played any of the classic graphic adventures from Lucasarts, you won't have any trouble with the commands in this game. If not, here's how the game works.

You move your mouse pointer around various objects on the screen and interact with them via a menu of verbs or actions in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Here are the different verbs/actions and their keyboard shortcuts :

Give    (G) - Give an item to someone.

Open    (O) - Open something (door, chest, etc).

Close   (C) - Close something (door, chest, etc).

Pick up (P) - Pick up an item.

Talk to (T) - Talk to someone.

Look at (L) - Look at something or someone.

Use     (U) - Use an item on something or someone.

Push    (S) - Push something or someone.

Pull    (Y) - Pull something or someone.
You can also use combinations of verbs/actions. For example, you can Use an item from your inventory on something on the screen or another item in your inventory.

Speaking of your inventory, it's located in the lower right hand corner of the screen. There's no limit on the number of items you can carry so don't worry. After certain parts of your adventure are completed, you may lose certain items but once you lose an item, you won't need it for the rest of the game so don't worry.

Also, when you talk to someone, there will often be various choices of dialogue you can choose from. The choices you make during a conversation will often define the encounter's outcome, but you'll always get fair warning if your in real danger.

To reach the options screen, press F1. From there, you can save your game, load a game and quit the game.

Useful shorcut : Right-clicking on objects on the screen will always use the most common verb/action. For example, right-clicking on a truck or any other transportation device will Use it. Some objects can be opened/closed by right- clicking, etc.

You will encounter fights at certain points during the game (especially on the "Fists" path, unsurprisingly!). When this occurs there are two modes of fighting to choose from: Mouse or keyboard. To switch between the two press "F" at any time during the game. (Note: Using the Keyboard mode is a MUCH easier way of fighting.)

The keys during a "Keyboard" mode fight are:

	  (7)         (8)         (9)

	Stepback   Block High  Punch High

	  (4)         (5)         (6)

	Stepback   Block Mid   Punch Mid

	  (1)         (2)         (3)

	Stepback   Block Low   Punch Low
Note: It seems you may have to turn off "Num Lock" to use the numberpad in the game.

You can view your current I.Q. (Indy Quotient) score by pressing "I" when your inventory is visible. To return to your inventory press "I" again. (See section 1-1 to learn more about I.Q. points.)

Finally, here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts...

I      - Show I.Q. Score

F      - Change Fighting Mode

F1     - Options Menu

F5     - Options Menu

F8     - Restart Game (Y/N?)

Alt-X  - Quit Game (Y/N?)

Alt-Q  - Quit Game (Y/N?)

Ctrl-C - Quit Game (Y/N?)

Ctrl-J - Calibrate Joystick

Ctrl-K - Check Memory Usage

Ctrl-M - Mouse Mode On

Ctrl-N - Mouse Mode (?)

Ctrl-T - Toggle between Voice/Text or Both (CD Version)

Ctrl-V - Version

[ & ]  - Music Volume

- & +  - Text Speed

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I.Q. Points

Like the earlier adventure game, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you accumulate I.Q. (Indy Quotient) Points when you solve puzzles. If you press "I" when your inventory is visible, the I.Q. Points screen will appear telling you how many points you have (to go back press "I" again).

There are two scores listed: "Current" (which is how many points you've earned in your current game) and "Total" (how many points you've accumulated from every game so far).

Basically I.Q. Points are used to add longevity to the game (as if it wasn't already long enough!). To get every single one you must complete the game in all three "Path" modes and solve every puzzle in every way (some puzzles have multiple solutions). A complete breakdown of all 1000 possible I.Q. Points would take forever, so here instead, are a few hints for those interested in going after them:

You don't need to play the "Atlantis" section of the game for each game Path. Once you've completed it you won't earn any extra I.Q. Points by doing it again in a different Path unless you solve a puzzle in a different way (E.g. Fighting Sophia's guard instead of activating the sentry).

In fights, "Sucker-punches" (see section 1-2) never earn you any I.Q. points, but beating someone fair and square will.

If you think you know a different way a puzzle might be solved, simply go back to an old saved game and try again. Even if you don't save after solving it a different way, your I.Q. points will still be added to your "Total" score when you return to your current save.

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Fighting Tips

Fighting in Fate of Atlantis is a real pain (certainly not much of an improvement over the original Last Crusade version :/ ) and it's not helped when you're forced to use your mouse to block, retreat and punch by clicking on moving targets! Thankfully some thoughtful soul thought to include an easier "keyboard" version.

To turn it on simply press "F" any time during play. A message will inform you that "Keyboard fighting" is on. When in this mode you use the Keypad to perform all blocking, punching and retreating (see section 1-0 for the list of actual keys).

Basic strategy is to punch when your punch power is high (your blue bar) and then walk back one step. Punch again when your opponent has stepped towards you (and your power bar has increased) and backstep again. One of the problems with these strategy is that some of the fighters are extremely quick at countering after they've been punched, so timing is needed. Another problem is that after a few backsteps the game will think you want to retreat and Indy will run off to lick his wounds.

In practice the "retreat" function has very little use, by the time you realize you stand no chance of winning you've usually lost! Plus when you return to the fight later, your opponents health bar will have usually returned to full. So go easy on the backsteps.

A more effective but more difficult strategy is use the middle row of the keypad to block. This takes a lot of practice and a cool head. Basically you need to keep a close eye on your opponent's arms. They will move mid/low/high before they hit you in that area. You need to quickly block mid/low/high to block before he actually hits you. You have maybe a second to do this, so it's imperative that you keep your cool and concentrate. If you panic you'll be flattened in no time.

When you get tired of fighting and all you want to is move on with the game there's a "suckerpunch" option to keep you sane. During a fight just press "Insert" and Indy will throw a suckerpunch that will knock your opponent straight out (if it connects -- so press it a few times!).

There are a few thing you should know before you try to suckerpunch your way through the game though: 1) You don't earn any I.Q. points for winning a fight through a suckerpunch and 2) Suckerpunches will not work at all if there's a way to avoid the confrontation by solving a puzzle (E.g. "Arnold" the singing guard or Sophia's captor in Atlantis).

Good luck!

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