Say cheeese!

You've reached the finale of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and if you've read the rock outside the temple you'll know you can't save the game after you've entered -- so save now! The next section is pretty short, so don't worry about having to go through loads again if you mess up... in fact the game is pretty intelligent about it! (Obviously well play-tested till the end!)

So ye want to be a pirate? First ye must pass The Three Trials! (ahem)

Ok, your Dad lays dying at Donovans hands and the only thing that can save him is the Power of the GrailTM, better get cracking. The first trial is simply a matter of looking in the Grail Diary that came with the game and pointing your mouse where the 'X' is on the diagram. What's that you say? Lost your Grail Diary? When just click on the lighter coloured piece of dirt next to the big curved rock you might just live... for now anyway ;-}

The second test is simply a matter of making sure Indy only steps on the letters contained in the version of 'Jehova' he keeps saying. Be careful, and don't get too carried away, it's all too easy to miss click and send Indy to his doom (or at least back to the first trial).

The third trial is a little more annoying since the budget version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade supplies only a cut down version of the Grail Diary and cunningly manages to miss the drawing that helps you pass this trial. The only version of Indy LC available now is this budget version... whoops! Luckily I happen to have the help you need to pass this final test. Click your mouse over the centre of the most protruding rock on the other side of the gap or where the big yellow 'X' is on the diagram to the right. Hopefully Indy will make his way safely across to the other side, and then you've made it... almost.

The Knight that you find guarding the Grail will ask you to choose the correct Grail from a load of phoney's. This is where those Catacomb Inscriptions and that painting in Castle Brunwald come into use. By now (if you were paying attention and have your Grail Diary handy) you should know roughly what the real Grail looks like*.

* To find out which description of the Grail from the Grail Diary that came with the game is right, you must first look up the two descriptions provided by the game in the Catacombs under Venice. When you find the correct passages in the Diary make a note of what they say about the Grail i.e. 'Pewter Bowl' or 'Glowing Ceramic Cup'. One of them will always say the Grail glows, while the other will not.

Next, to find out which of these is the 100% correct, real, unlying, ultimate, true description of the Grail simply cross check it with the picture you saw in the safe in Castle Brunwald. The picture there showed if the Grail glowed or not (never mind what the actual Grail looked like in the picture). From this you should be able to confidently pick a real Holy Grail from some cleverly constructed fakes in no time.

Just click on 'WHAT IS' and scan them all for the closest description, and then use the one you think is right with the Holy Water.

If you choose wisely Indy will survive, if not..... yikes! (Incidently, this originally rather tense moment of waiting to see what happens to Indy is ruined on faster modern machines due to the timing being off... now you don't have to wait).

What's that you say? Haven't a clue which one to pick! Lost your grail diary/forgotten what the inscriptions said/never bought the game!? Well if your playing on an Amiga you might be pleased to know that the correct grail leaves behind a glowing ring mark after you've picked it up (the mark of all good Grails)... but if not you're totally and utterly buggered I'm afraid.

Better luck next time. (Buy the game!)

Right then! IQ points time! Unusually for a Lucas Arts game this one has multiple endings (okay okay, and so does Maniac Mansion -- sort of). There's really not all that much difference, it's simply a matter of Indy being alive, Elsa being alive and where the grail ends up. You get different IQ points for each out come...

First of all, you score a heathly (90) IQ Points! for getting through the three trials (that's 30 points a trial!).

Next, if you are quick enough (on faster PC machines press [D] just to make sure you have enough time) Indy can Pick Up the Grail and decide its (and his own) fate. He can either make a break for the exit and die (no points -- unsurprisingly) or give it to the Knight and earn himself a rather wholesome (100) IQ Points! -- which is the maximum you can get.

Alternatively, you can either give Elsa the Grail or just let her grab it for herself, and watch her toddle off to her doom. This then leaves a little dilemma. If Indy looks into the gaping hole Elsa fell into he will see the Grail resting on a ledge just beyond his reach. Indy can now, sod it and just walk off (50 points), use his whip to grab the Grail and (a) give it back to the Knight (75 points) or (b) make a break for it himself and die in a rather amusing scene (no points). The choice is yours.

Here's a great little table that explains all...

IQ Points 100 75 50 0 0

And that's it. Your final Series Score (displayed after the credits sequence) is out of 800 points. A good Episode score is somewhere around 450 points although there must be a maximum you can get in one game, but I certainly don't know what it is! (I've done enough work here!) Anyways...

There you have it. The most comprehesive guide ever to a most certainly overlooked and underrated adventure game. Hope you've had fun, and give me an email if you manage to get all 800 points!

Thanks for reading and Don't Forget to LOAD a saved game to save your Series Score!

Adios Amigos! See you in the next guide!

John Walker -- JAN 2000