Indiana begins his adventure in Barnett College NY, where he teaches archaeology inbetween his outlandish adventures. It is 1938, a few short months before the invasion of Poland and the beginning of World War II. This doesn't mean there aren't any sneaky Nazis hanging around though, far from it in fact, they're eveywhere. (Well in Germany mostly.)

As we begin the game Indy has just reclaimed an ancient artifact, the Cross of Coronado. Finding this long lost item was a personal quest for Indy that spanned his entire adult life. His strong belief that it 'belonged in a museum' led him to risk his life and make many enemies along the way. Now he finally has it, over twenty years later... he goes and leaves it in the college gym changing rooms. Doh!

Just like in the film, Indy has quite a bit of trouble getting into his office without being attacked by students. Instead of securing their academic future, he can come up with a cunning plan to get past them. There are two ways of doing this:

Cunning Plan No.1 (Earns 5 IQ points)
Walk into Irene's office and talk to the Students. Select the lines [3/3/3]. This is what Indy does in the movie (also like in the film you'll be forced to leave Indy's office through the window, lest you face those angy students again!)

Cunning Plan No.2 (10 IQ points)
This is a little extra for the true adventurer/archaeologist/Nazi killer. Talk to Marcus first and select the lines [3/1], filling Indy's 'data banks' with information on the existence of Professor John Reid. Next head for your office and talk to the students selecting the new lines [4/4/4] telling the students to go and harrass him instead! (Ho ho ho, very fiendish.)

Secret Cunning Plan No.3
It is infact possible to use both methods and get all 15 IQ points! To do this, just use Plan No.1 and then jump out your window. When you eventually get back to Barnett College go in the main entrance and use Plan No.2!

Well, take your pick and I'll meet you in Indy's Office.

You can't actually earn any IQ points in Indy's office as there aren't any puzzles here. However there is plenty to look at (especially for the discerning LucasFan).
Here's a diagram of all the things you can look at...

1) A totem pole of Sam and Max! and a stone tablet at its base that
warns about aliens in disguises (A reference to Zak McKraken)
2) An African shamens Mask from near Kinshasa (Zak McKracken)
3) A crystal shard from Zak McKracken
4) A statue of a thousand-year-old falcon (Star Wars -- geddit?)
5) The Sankara Stones from The Temple of Doom
6) The map drawn in crayons from Zak McKracken
7) A fragment of a meteor oozing purple slime from Maniac Mansion

Oh, and the Indian Statue and Skull on the lower right hand
part of the screen were re-used in Fate of Atlantis!

Now that you've had a good chortle head for the pile of Junk Mail on your desk. Pick them all up and then pick up the Letters beneath them. Finally pick up the Papers underneath that lot and you'll reveal a Package. Grab this and Indy will dump the rest (only the Package is important).

Open the package to reveal: ta da! your fathers Grail Diary.

Next up, time to get out of this place. If you used Cunning Plan No.2 you can walk leisurely out of your office door and head outside. If you didn't then you're relegated to climbing out the window I'm afraid. Either way, as soon as you hit outside you'll be molested by two burly stooges and bundled into the back of a car, destination unknown...

"Actually I'm more alarmed at being awake so early"

You'll actually wind up here, at the lush pad of socialite, antique collector and weekday partier(!), Walter Donovan. After he introduces himself, he'll go on to explain the situation the game (and the film) is based on*.

* (Before he does this though, he'll ask you to translate an ancient stone tablet. This is all done automatically, but the outcome could be different in the old floppy disk versions: Originally (before the invention of the CD) you had to translate something for Marcus as part of the Copy Protection at the beginning of the game. If you got it wrong three times the game would default to 'demo mode'. This meant you could still play as normal until you got to this point. But when Donovan asked Indy to translate the stone tablet, Indy would mistranslate it hilariously and get chucked out, thus leaving you stranded in Barnett College with nothing to do and ending your advenutre prematurely! Ho ho!)

After this friendly banter Indy will find himself outside Barnett College again, but with a new option: TRAVEL. Click on it and you will be given two choices, Venice or Henry's House. Tempting as it is to skip Henry's House and go straight to Venice (ah Venice!) the game is impossible to complete (well, unless you are incredibly lucky at picking out real Holy Grails from phoney ones) without at least a flying visit.

Face it Indy, your Dad is just a slob

No IQ points to be had here either, despite the lengthy puzzle you can solve. There are two objects here that you can collect. One is the painting on the bedroom wall. The other (and this is the lengthy bit) is a fake grail diary (aka old book). As you might imagine (possibly), a fake grail diary could well come in handy for tricking unsuspecting Nazis (they are looking for it afterall: that's why they've trashed Henry's place (or is it just a typical bachelor pad?)). Anyway, the painting is essential so best pick it up.

The book isn't necessary, but it opens a few different paths to you. Getting it takes longer but it is worthwhile, it gives you the opportunity to do different things (gaining (30) IQ points being one of them) and you don't have to use it if you don't want to.

More trivia: The plant you can say 'Hi' to is indeed Chuck the Plant from Maniac Mansion and later Day of the Tentacle. (Confusingly though, in an early demo, Indy says 'Hi LeChuck' to the mysterious plant, changing it from a Maniac Mansion reference to a Monkey Island one. Weird eh?) Also trying opening the refrigerator to reveal another Zak McKraken reference.

Getting the Old Book: (zero IQ points!)
First things first. Pull the Bookshelf onto the floor. Next you need to find the lump of tape on the back (nigh on impossible in the 16 colour version!) use the WHAT IS command if you get stuck. Once you've found it, pull it off. Now we need to open it and get what's inside it out. To do this go back to Barnett College and Indy's office (if you were forced to leave through the window you'll have to go back in the same way too). Once inside look for the Jar of solvent on his shelves, (it's next to he Sankara Stones) and use it with the Sticky Tape. You'll get the small key. Go back to Henry's and pick up the Plant off the Table by the door. Indy will set it down on the floor. Now pick up the Table Cloth to reveal a locked Chest. Open the Chest with the small key and voila! one Fake Grail Diary aka (old book).

That's all there is to do here, onto Venice!