Ominous looking isn't it?

Welcome to lengthiest part of the game. It'll usually take quite a while to sneak your way around the entire castle successfully. When you enter you'll be met by a butler* (just like in the movieTM). You can either punch his lights out for a measly (1) IQ point (he only takes one hit) or you can be really clever and out-smart him for (5) IQ Points. To do this just select the lines [2,1,2] and watch him scarper.

* Although in the game Indy claims to be 'Lord Robert McFalfa' and not 'Lord Clarence MacDonald' as he does in the movie. The significance? 'Bob Falfa' was the name of Harrison Ford's character in George Lucas's American Graffitti! I don't know why they didn't leave/put this in the movie as it would have made a bit more sense, but there you go.

This simple choice is pretty much the same for every Nazi encounter you'll have in the game (although the Nazi soldiers you meet are generally much tougher): You can either talk or fight your way out of a situation, the latter typically offering less IQ Points than the first. You'll probably want to use your wits rather than the tougher fists option (you can easily die from losing a fight), but sometimes it seems like it's totally unavoidable.

In actual fact, you can go through the entire game without fighting a single person if you know what to say to them, and luckily for you, I do!


This entire section of the game returns to the top-down look of the catacombs. You'll soon discover, you can't see around corners, and Nazi guards can't either... and this leads to all kinds of stealthy endevours (ooh, it's just like Metal Gear Solid. Well sort of.). You do have plenty of puzzles to solve while you're here, but they're all hindered by the patroling guards. To help you with this I've put all the dialogue options you'll need below (each soldiers number corrensponding with the maps) so you can get past them all without worry, or at least know what you stand to win if you do fight them.

Usually, if a soldier if carrying any Marks, the only way to get them is by fighting him and then going through his pockets while he's unconsious. Obviously this can be a little dangerous. Luckily, sometimes you can talk them into handing over the dough. This is indicated by the appropriate dialogue, along with how many IQ Points you'll get. You'll also need to take note what disguise Indy is wearing, if any. Sometimes, especially on the upper floors, Indy can only talk to guards if he's wearing a certain disguise. If there is no lines for 'Indy' in the dialogue box, this means he cannot approach them without the disguise listed. Sometimes Indy can be chased by guards just by being seen in the wrong set of clothes! So be careful... Here's a few important notes to remember whilst wandering around:

  • Although it is possible to talk your way through the entire castle without a single fight, if you do get into a fight at some point, the other guards will be more aware of an intruder and, after a few encounters ending in fights, it may not be possible to talk to any of them at all. In fact when the guards have been alerted like this, they can sometimes come running for you even if you haven't even seen them yet! (You get a little warning from the 'Halt, Halt!' they scream at you when they start running. They also get progressively tougher with each one you defeat, so be careful (unless you're feeling cocky). See the fighting tips section for more help on the art of Nazi bashing.

  • Some guards will also go straight into a fight if you are not disguised properly and sometimes may even run after you if they see you without the right disguise. The further through the castle, the better Indy's disguise must be. There are only three sets of clothes in the game and the general rule of thumb is First Floor: Indy WearTM, Second Floor: Servants Clothes, Third Floor: Officers Uniform. There are a few exceptions to this, and they're listed in the dialogue options below.

  • Also be careful of coming into contact with a soldier you've already spoken to in one set of clothes whilst wearing another! The soldier will recognise you for the intruder you are if you're dressed differently and attack straight away. So try to remember!

  • If you are being chased through the corridors, pop through a door quickly. When you come back out the guard will have resumed his normal post. This is a handy to trick to remember.

Ok, here's all the info you'll ever need on these suckers...


As on maps
The correct lines to choose/different disguises plus any objects/info you'll get.
N# of Mks you'll get
N# of pts you'll get
Indy - [2,1,2] -- 5 Pts
Fighting -- 1 Pt
Drunk Guy
Indy - [1,3,1] Helps to beat (7) -- --
Indy - [3,2] (Get Stein) -- 2 Pts
Fighting (Get Stein) -- 1 Pt
(2) Indy - [3,2,1] -- 5 Pts
Servant - [1,2,1] -- 5 Pts
Fighting -- 3 Pts
(3) Indy - [1,2,2] 15 5 Pts
Servant - [1,1,3,2] -- 5 Pts
Fighting 15 3 Pts
Art Guy
Indy - [2,2,1,1] -- 5 Pts
Servant or Officer - Give Painting -- --
Fighting -- 3 Pts
(5) Officer - [3] -- 7 Pts
Fighting 20 5 Pts
(6) Servant - [3,1] -- 8 Pts
Officer - [2,2,3] Helps beat (11) -- 8 Pts
Fighting 20 5 Pts
(7) Officer - [2,1,2,1] See(1) -- 8 Pts
Fighting -- 5 Pts
Officer - Give Mein Kampf -- 15 Pts
Fighting 70 10 Pts

*These guys are special in some way. Check the walkthrough for more info.



Right. Check the map above and head for the first soldier (D), who is drunk (unfortunately this isn't typical of the rest of the Nazis you're going to meet). He may not seem much, but he can be very helpful and give you a few clues if you know how to probe him correctly (oo-er). Firstly, if you select the dialogue lines [1,3,1] you'll get a piece of info that will allow Indy to get past a tough guard later without having to fight. Any other information this drunk soldier gives you is only for your own benefit (like the hint at a text book Nazi upstairs -- a clue y'see?). The only other thing this guy gives you is the (vitally important) stein. To get it you can either do the 'gentlemanly' thing for (2) IQ Points (by selecting the lines [3,2]) or just punch his lights out for an easy (1) IQ Point*.

* Note: It's actually possible to do both and get all (3) IQ Points in one go. To do this just offer to get him a drink (the lines [3,2] as above) for the (2) IQ Points. Go to the kitchen and fill up the stein with ale, and then give it back to him. Now just give a him quick punch and you'll get the stein back and an additional IQ Point! You little rascal, you.

Now you have the Stein, the soldier has outlived his usefullness, I'll leave it up to you as to what you do with him. Head for the Kitchen (on the map above) and fill up that stein from the big keg. (Note: You can actually drain the keg completely by leaving the spigot open. Doing this will leave you completely buggered later on, so don't be tempted!) Poor the full stein onto the hot coals with the roast boar rotating above it. Wait for the steam to clear and pick up the roast boar. Next, fill up that stein again... Doing all this will save a lot of messing around later on!

Next, you need to go the Closet (as on the map), when you get approached by the guard outside it (2), use the dialogue table above to select the correct lines, or if you feel like it, get into a fight (you won't get anything extra though -- well apart from one less Nazi to worry about). One inside the closet, pick up the servant uniform you'll find inside. Although you may be tempted to put it on, be careful if you have already spoken to the guard outside... if you meet him again dressed differently he'll know you're the intruder!

Whatever you decide to do (select the appropriate lines above if you're dressed as the servant or Indy) cross over the corridor to the big room with the secret exit (as on the map). You can make life a little easier for yourself here if you walk over to the far side of the room and PUSH the Suit of Armour by the fireplace. His weapon will fall and leave a mark on the carpet. Trust me, you appreciate later if you do this now!

Now it's time to head up stairs to the second floor. (Ok, ok, technically it's the First Floor, but it sounds confusing.)

Again, just follow the dialogue above for the guard you'll have to pass on your way to the stairs (3).


You'll see a little cut scene involving soldier (4) and Colonel Vogel. This is a big hint as to what you should do with the painting you picked up in Henry's House.

I recommend going into the first door on the left when you get upstairs. This is an utterly useless room, but I suggest you save the game (if you haven't done so already) and change into the Servant Uniform while you're there. This is because the soldier you meet next (4) will not let you give him the painting without a fight if you're dressed as Indy. (Note: It is possible to talk your way out of a fight with him as Indy (see table above), although I wouldn't recommend it because giving (4) the painting is a major part of discovering what the Grail looks like.)

Walk back outside when you're done and take the first door on Indy's left. In here is a chest... open it and you'll get 50 Marks! Don't go through the other door just yet, this leads to guard (5) and he won't be fooled by a servant uniform (you'll need something better to get past him).

Go back out and follow the corridor down to soldier (4) (you must be dressed as the servant!). He'll hopefully inform you of his station guarding the art collection. This a big hint to give him the painting. He'll take it straight to Vogel's office for another cut-scene and then promptly disappear off the planet. Weird eh? In the cut-scene you'll see Vogel writing down the combination to the vault (see the map for its location) on a piece of paper and file it away. You need this piece of paper.

Even though you can't get into the vault just yet, you can still browse the castles art collection by going left into the room at the end of the corridor. There are a few in-jokes to be seen here:

1) This is actually a screenshot from Loom (turn your head 90 to the left!) Mark Ferrari was Loom's gfx artist!
2) "Return to the Louve, Postage Paid" -- I think! This exact same statue was also in Maniac Mansion
3) Why, it's a picture of Castle Brunwald!
4) This is a screenshot from this game! You'll see it when you crash land your bi-plane later on!
5) "Fred and Edna's Wedding"? Would that be Dr Fred from Maniac Mansion? Yup!

The few other paintings are real, although I have my suspicions about that DaVinci!

(Note the lack of a picture of the grail. This is because it is stored in the vault behind the paint-by-numbers Mona Lisa(!) and you'll need the combination to open it.)

After you've had a good chortle, go back into the corridors follow the one you're in until it turns left. There is a room on the left here (marked Key on the map) with another chest in it. Open this chest and pull out the uniform that's inside it. Although it is an officers uniform, it is too small for Indy, so instead LOOK at it to find the key in its pocket (aka brass key). This is the key to uniform that was locked up in the closet on the bottom floor.

Head back downstairs (remembering to get changed back into Indy's clothes on the way -- unless you spoke to the guards wearing the servants uniform the first time of course) and back into the closet. Unlock the grey uniform and pick it up. Hurrah! Indy can now disguise himself as an Officer and enter the upper echolons of Nazi society (well at least the third floor without getting attacked). You are now free to wander around the rest of the castle without fear.

Go back upstairs and get changed into the officers uniform (saving the game as you go). You are now free to wander around floor two, you've got the top disguise and you have all the dialogue you need to get past any guards you come across.

Before you start to wander around proper go to the room with guard (6) in. You need to talk to him to get information that will let you talk your way out of a confrontation with soldier (11) (the toughest one!) on the third floor. Just select the lines [2,2,3] dressed as the officer. That's all the really important stuff done here, but there are a few extra things you can do...


Extra Stuff

You can now do a number of extra things while you're here, although none of them really affects the outcome, you'll get different IQ Points depending on what you do. The main aim is to get upstairs to Henry and sneak a peek at the painting of the Grail while we're at it. Along the way though, you can do extra stuff like disabling the alarm to Henry's door (35 or 40 Points depending on how you defeat the guard there) or sneaking outside onto the window ledge and across to Henry's room! (although this is fun it will only earn you (5) Points and not much else as (a) his door is locked and (b) he won't follow you outside -- although you CAN pick up 75 Marks along the way, you can get them later on as well). Here's how to do both:

Disabling the Alarm: Remember that stein of ale I told you to get? Well here's where is comes in handy. Pouring the contents into the grating behind the security console in the room marked Alarm on the map will completely knacker the alarm system (and give you a tasty (25) IQ Points). But first you've got to beat that annoying guard (8). As you can see from the table you only have two options. One is to give him your copy of Mein Kampf ((15) IQ Points), the other is to fight him (you'll get (10) IQ Points and the contents of his pockets: 70 Marks!). 70 Marks is surely tempting, be warned though, he can be darn tough sometimes so you'd better make sure you have near full energy if you plan to fight him (to refill your energy use the First Aid Kit found in the room marked (+) on the map). Another point to consider is that if you do fight him, it leaves you with a copy of Mein Kampf, which can later earn you (10) IQ Points if you hand it to Hitler to sign in Berlin. Once it is signed you can bribe Roadblock number (6) when escaping from Germany (much) later on.

Another point to consider, a pretty important point in fact, is that disabling the alarm will not get you anything unless you plan to make a run for it with Henry when you open his door. And the only way you can do this is if you've beaten yourself a clear pathway, devoid of guards, all the way back to the room with the suit of armour in. If you manage to escape without getting caught you'll get (25) IQ Points though, so not bad. (Note: To escape the suit of armour room and indeed, the castle itself, push the stone statue on the left side of the Fireplace -- you can't walk through the front door because it's surrounded by Nazi's.)

Sneaking into Henry's Room: If you look at the map you'll see three rooms at the top with a ledge outside them. You can climb outside onto the ledge and gain access to the Third Floor and your Dad this way. If you go into the middle room with a window ledge, you can open the window and climb outside. (Note: Although the rooms either side of this one both have window ledges, the one to the left is locked from the inside and the one to the right has a guard (6) in it who won't be very impressed with you climbing in and out of the windows!).

Once outside, get Indy to shuffle along to the far right window (outside the left ledge room on the map) and you'll notice a lattice to the right he can't quite reach. Get Indy to open the window and climb in. Now, if you look carefully above the window, you'll see a brick sticking out. Tell Indy to PUSH this brick and head back outside. Indy can now use his whip with the newly revealed brick to heroically swing onto the lattice and get (5) IQ Points.

Now you're onto the Third Floor ledge, the first window you come to has a chest in it containing 75 Marks! Nip in and get it. The other two windows are where your Dad is being kept (it changes per game). Pop in and say hello, as that's pretty much all you can do. Although Henry's door is alarmed, you cannot open it (or any of the others doors in these three rooms) without the silver key (marked on the (K) Third Floor Map below, if you don't know where it is), and Henry won't follow you outside. Hmmm, pretty pointless really isn't it? Well, that's how Indy met his Dad in the film, so you can't complain. (Note: When you want to get back down, just head outside again and point to the lower level, Indy will then jump onto the Second Floor ledge. But! Be careful that you don't go back in the lower left window because that room contains guard (6) and he won't be very pleased to see you! Especially in your Indy WearTM!)

Making a run for it: Rather than being caught by Donovan after springing your Dad you can make a break for it instead. To do this you'll firstly need to disable the alarm (see above). Secondly, you need to clear a path back down to the room marked Secret Exit on the bottom floor map. You can duck in and out of rooms with your Dad in tow, but it is probably better to empty all the corridors of guards by fighting them (except for guard (4) which if you give the painting to dressed as the servant, will disapear anyway (and also let you continue the game normally -- allowing you to see the Grail Painting -- but that's a different story)).

This is best because after a few fights all the guards become aware that there in an intruder. This means they can come running long before you've seen them and thus makes them more difficult to avoid. The guards in the rooms however will not ever run after you, so you don't have to worry about them (although they may fight you straight away, without giving you a chance to explain your presence, if you enter the room they guard).

It can be a tough process picking off the guards as they seem to get tougher with each one you fight. (See Fighting Tips for more help on improving your skills.) To help you there is a First Aid Kit on the second floor (marked (+) on the map) that will completely restore Indy's health. (Remember, the yellow bar will refill, but the green one will not, and once reduced will stay reduced until the first aid kit is applied.)

After you've completely emptied the corridors of Nazi guards go up to the third floor and open Henry's door using the silver key, making sure the alarm is buggered before you do! (Note: the silver key is in the room marked key on the top floor map.) Next, make your way down to the bottom floor and to the room marked secret exit. Walk over to far right side of the room and PUSH the Statue on the Left side of the fireplace -- voila! -- your means of escape.

You've just earned yourself a tasty (25) IQ Points for escaping (plus you earned (21) IQ Points for fighting the necessary guards, (25) Points for knackering the alarm and (5) Points for unlocking Henry's door along the way too!). Phew! Not bad eh?


Now head upstairs to the...


As on maps
The correct lines to choose/different disguises plus any objects/info you'll get.
N# of Mks you'll get
N# of pts you'll get
(9) Officer - [1,2,1] -- 8 Pts
Fighting -- 5 Pt
Give Biff the Trophy full of ale, and then punch him. -- 15 Pts
(11) Officer - [3,2,3] See (6) -- 8 Pts
Fighting -- 5 Pts

Note: Henry's room changes each game

You won't be able to get past Biff (B) just yet, before that you need to visit Col. Vogels office (Vogels Office on the map). Remember that piece of paper with the combination on? Well we need to get it (and that trophy on top of the filling cabinet) but there's a nasty mutt blocking the way. Give him the roast boar you picked up in the kitchen and he'll move out your way. Open the drawer and pick up the paper with the combination on (aka pass) and you'll discover it's actually an unsigned pass. Grab the trophy atop the cabinet (you'll need this to defeat Biff -- an impossibly tough guard blocking your access to the rest of the floor or (B) on the map). Now we have the combination head back down to the art collection (on the second floor) and PULL the paint-by-numbers Mona Lisa on the far left to reveal the vault. Open the vault and earn yourself (10) IQ Points by walking inside and Looking at the painting.

Now, here's an important bit: Remember the inscriptions you found inside the cave under the catacombs? The ones I said you should right down? Well if you flick through the Grail Diary that came with the game and find the two descriptions of the grail mentioned, you'll discover one the account claims the grail glows while the other says it doesn't. You weren't sure which one was correct, until now that is. If the Grail in the painting is glowing then you know which account is true (even if the account reckons it looks like a bowl and the one in the painting clearly looks like a cup!) and vise versa: You should now have all the information you need to pick the true Holy Grail from a big bunch of carefully constructed Phoneys! Huzzah!

(Ahem) Next stop, the Kitchen. Remember to change into the appropriate clothes before walking past those guards on the First Floor! Once in the Kitchen fill up the trophy with ale from the keg. It'll take a while, but once it's done, head straight back upstairs to Biff (B) on the third floor, pausing only to change into your Officers uniform (and possibly saving the game at the same time).

Once you've approached Biff, don't bother trying to talk to him... there nothing you can say to get past him. Just hand him the trophy full of ale and punch him once... easy! Next head south to the guard (11) and the key to Henry's door (Key on the map). It's actually possible to duck and dive into these doors and avoid the Captain altogether, (unless you've been in a few fights in which case he'll probably come running anyway). Whatever you do, just take a look at the table for what to say and head to the room with the Key when you're done. Once there, grab the key from the candlbra (aka silver key) and look out the windows while you're there to see what happened to Elsa.

Next up, just head around north and to the door furthest on the left. No, this isn't the room with your father in, but it has got a chest with 75 Marks in! (Unless, of course, you already picked it up from the ledge outside!) After that try the other two doors (marked Henry's Room on the map), it changes each game which one it is, but you'll always see wiring going into the top of the door (the alarm y'see?) when you get close. and unlock it... The alarm will ring and you'll get caught (unless you disabled the alarm before, in which case you'll get (5) IQ Points and the chance to nip inside, get your Dad and make a run for it. See Disabling the Alarm above for more info).

You'll find yourself facing a machine gun and Donovan asking you for the Grail Diary. If you insult him you'll die, and if you stall by giving him a useless item, he'll just take the real Grail Diary. You actually have two choices though, you can give him the real Grail Diary or (and this is the cunning bit) the fake Grail Diary you picked up at Henry's (aka old book)and get (30) IQ Points! By giving him the fake diary you won't need to go to Berlin and steal the real Diary back. Although this may sound good (and it is!), Berlin is definately worth checking out at some point: You'll run into Hitler there (just like the movie) and he'll sign something of yours. There are a few different things you can give him each with their own benefits. For instance, if you get him to sign the pass you'll never be bothered by another road block again. Take your pick, and either way you'll end up tied to a chair in the suit of armour room.

"Yipe!"Remember that mark you left on the carpet by pushing the suit of armour? Well, you need to PULL or PUSH the chairs over to that side of the room. Yes, I know, it takes ages. To speed things up you could try and incorporate the [Q] and [A] keys in some sort of clever sequence with the mouse. But aside from that your gonna just have to be patient. Phew! Made it? Good. Now position the chairs over the mark (or if you didn't leave a mark -- get the suit of armours hand directly above Indy's head, as seen on the right here) and SAVE! Yes, best to save it here, because one false move and it's bye-bye Indy. Now that you're safe PUSH the statue. Swipe! If you made it ok, you'll get (15) IQ Points. If you didn't just try again until you don't die.

Right! -- Time to escape. Push the stone statue on the left hand side of the fireplace to reveal a hidden exit... You've made it out of Brunwald! Hurrah!

If you've still got the real Grail Diary then you'll be heading straight for the Airport. If Donovan snatched it, you'll be going to Berlin...

Berlin is an extremely short (and fun) section of the game. Before you get there though, you'll be faced with a road block. Just answer [3,3,1,1] to talk your way out of it for (5) IQ Points or fight your way through for (4) IQ Points.

Once in Berlin it's all automated until you're face to face with Hitler. You can either Punch him for (10) IQ Points and Instant Death (!), give him the Grail Diary to sign (just like in the movie) (Zero) IQ Points, give him the copy of Mein Kampf for (10) IQ Points and the chance to bribe your way through a road block later, give him either of the other books from the Library (manual or book of maps) (Zero) IQ Points or hand him the pass for (40) IQ Points! and the ablilty to get through every road block with ease.

It's your choice. Once you're done, you'll find yourself at the airport.