Phew! You've made it to the airport! Best to save it here as you have lots of options, and it's a good place to come back to when you've finished the game.

There are two ways to escape from Germany. One is by taking the Zeppelin the other is by stealing the Bi-Plane. The Bi-Plane route is much easier, but there's a lot of fun to be had on the zeppelin...

Zeppelin Route

Getting on the zeppelin is much easier if you have tickets. Luckily they're pretty easy to get your hands on, you can either buy them from the counter for 220 Marks ((Zero) IQ Points) or you can steal them from the guy in the blue jacket for (5) IQ Points!

Stealing them is really easy, and considering you may need your money to bribe slippery government officials later on, it's probably best not to waste it now.

To swipe the tickets just get Indy (or Henry if you prefer) to talk to the man. Ask him about his grandchildren (anything else and he just answers 'No!') and he'll waffle on for ages. While he's doing this, get the other Jones to stand behind him and grab the tickets sticking out of his pocket. Easy huh?

Now make your way out of the airport and across the airfield to the zeppelin.

If stealing them doesn't take your fancy, you could try your chances at fighting the Ticket Taker on the zeppelin. You'll get (10) IQ Points if you beat him, but be warned; this is probably the toughest fight in the game! (Note: If you do try to get aboard without tickets there's nothing you can say to talk yourself aboard without paying or fighting.)

Now you're safely aboard you'll see a short cut-scene showing Colonel Vogel sending someone to signal the zeppelin to turn around and come back. You're gonna have to act fast and get to the radio so the Nazis aboard the zeppelin don't find out. (Good old 'cut-scene' technology eh? Faster than conventional radio any day of the week!)

To do this, get Henry (it has to be Henry) to wander left into the other room over to the piano on the far left. Get him to use the coins with the bowl and the piano player with offer to play a tune. Pick any one (like 'The Theme from Star Wars' -- but it's written in German!) and you'll hear the same tune anyway. The radio operator will hear it and decide to go and listen, thus leaving his room unguarded! Quickly get Indy to dive into the room. (Notice the graphics inside the Radio Room when you open the door... looks like somebody forgot to update them from the 16 colour version during its 256 colour make over!!)

Inside you'll see the Radio (which you can USE) and a Locker. Open the Locker and get the wrench from inside. Quickly use the wrench on the Radio to rip it apart and make a run for it before the music ends and the operator comes back*.

* Note: a little cheat you use to make the music last longer is to press F5 and then click on Play to return to the game. The music will reset itself and restart form the beginning, giving you bags more time. Silly huh?

If the music does end, quickly change to Henry again and pop another coin in the bowl.

If you do get caught by the operator in his room there isn't much you can do. You can offer him some money if you broke the radio, but if you choose anything else you'll have to fight him for (zero) IQ Points!

Either way he'll be forced to spend time fixing the radio, thus delaying the message and buying you some times to escape!

Once you've knackered the Radio use the wrench in the Socket outside the Radio Room. Give the wrench a PUSH and a ladder will lower itself from above. This leads into the balloon itself, and (ultimately) to the Bi-Plane that will allow you to escape to freedom. (Don't worry about your Dad, he'll catch you up later - although don't ask me how!) Just head up the ladder and follow the maps below through the three Nazi infested floors to the Bi-Plane (marked 'End' on the map).

The Third Floor

Second Floor

First Floor

I'm not sure exactly how many Nazi's there are in the balloon section, but they get progessively tougher with each one you fight, so don't hang around -- get moving!

When you eventually get to the Bi-Plane you'll receive (10) IQ Points and find yourself flying out of Germany shooting Nazi planes down along the way. In fact, this section is exactly the same if you would have stolen the Bi-Plane straight from the airport. Oh well!

"Fly yes, land no"
"I can't, we're stuck to a zeppelin"

Bi-Plane Route

(If want to skip the above Zeppelin section and steal the Bi-Plane in the airport just Look at the manual you picked up in Venice. It has a complete list of instructions to get it going. It'll probably take you a few tries to get it right, so remember to save it before you get in the Plane!)

The Bi-Plane escape is another arcadey style section and it's actually quite tough. The more Nazi fighters you shoot down, the further out of Germany you'll get. Shoot somewhere in the region of twenty and you'll probably escape (I haven't done this yet though).

General Flying Tips
You have to use the numeric keypad here to control the Bi-Plane while your Dad does his best to aim at the Nazi planes with the tail gun. He'll only be able to shoot properly if the Bi-Plane isn't moving too much (keep an eye on his aim) and the Nazi plane he's aiming for is pretty close to your tail.

My advice is to stay in the centre of the screen until a Nazi fighter appears then, at the last possible moment, move in the same direction as the fighter. You really do have to hold out till the last moment. If you do it right the Nazi plane should go up in smoke almost immediately. Your Dad should shoot the plane down just as you turn to avoid the fire. Keep trying with this and testing different tactics and turning times.

This table shows how many Nazi planes you have to shoot down to get to which Road Block (as shown on the map below)

0 (1)
1 (2)
4 (3)



10 (5)
13 (6)
16 (7)

You get (5) IQ Points when you Shoot 6, 11 and 16 planes down.

In theory when you shoot down 19 planes you should be out of Germany, but I have never got this far. The most I have ever shot down is 16. If anyone can enlighten me here, I'd greatly appreciate it. Cheers!

However many you shoot down, you should still end up by an old German farm house (if you shoot all the planes down you will run out of gas and crash just before the final checkpoint anyway). There will be two cars, and unfortunately the one with Nazi plates will be out of gas.

In joke: In Maniac Mansion there was famously a chainsaw without any gas (and was therefore completely useless).
In Zak McKraken they put in a completely useless tank of gas as a reference.
In Last Crusade there's a car but it needs that gas again!

Just take the blue car and hit the road. You're now going to have to talk, bribe and fight your way out of Germany through the remaining Roadblocks.

The Jones boys decide to take a walk on the wild side

Hit him Indy! Go on, hit him!!

Like the rest of the game you can talk or bribe your way out of confrontations, so there's no need to fight anyone. If you have either, a) a signed pass, b) 275 Marks or c) a signed copy of Mein Kampf and 50 Marks, you will be able to get through every single Roadblock without a fight. If not, you'll be able to get through five (maybe six) of the seven Roadblocks without scratching your knuckles. So not too bad eh?

First things first. If you have a signed pass you will be able to get through every Roadblock without worry. Just flash it at every guard and they'll let you through straight away.

If not, you can talk or bribe your way through a Roadblock for (5) IQ Points or fight your way through for (4) IQ Points. (Note: Only Roadblocks (2) and (6) can be bribed.) Follow the map and table below to know what to say.

and text
(Bribe with 50 Marks)
(Bribe with 225 Marks)
or (Offer signed Mein Kampf)

Eventually, you'll make it to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon and the Grail Temple... ooh!