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You want to continue the adventure using your brawn and fists eh? Very well. Your first destination will be Monte Carlo. Well, Sophia will remain in New York while you can head off either to Monte Carlo to find Alain Trottier or Algiers, to find Omar Al-Jabbar. First, head to Monte Carlo. As soon as you get there, you might want to take a little time to read the Lost Dialogue of Plato carefully. You're going to need its information soon.

Monte Carlo

Once in Monte Carlo, start looking for Trottier. Since Indy has never met him, he doesn't know what he looks like. There are a lot of strangers walking around in the street. You can talk to them to get hints on how Trottier looks like. He's fairly easy to spot out. He's the man who has balding grey hair and a brown suit. Once you've found him, talk to him and be as modest as possible, trying to not insult him. If you do manage to insult him, he won't talk to you for a while. Eventually, he'll ask you a question on Atlantis. The question he asks changes very time you play the game. Once you've answered his question correctly, he'll give you his business card and be on his way. Get into a taxi and go to the airport. Head to Algiers.

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Algiers - City

First, you need to find Omar Al-Jabbar. Head towards the shop in the back alley to the left. There's a storekeeper there named Paul Abdul, Omar Al-Jabbar's servant. Talk to him and ask him if you can meet Omar. He'll say that he's a very busy man and that he needs a very good reason to go and disturb him. Show him Alain Trottier's business card and he'll leave the shop to go talk to Omar. He'll always return, saying that Omar can't see you right now. When you ask Paul to go see Omar, follow him outside in the city streets. He'll eventually duck inside a house. Enter the house.

You'll see a Nazi soldiers asking questions to Omar. You can either beat the crap out of the Nazi soldier or take the easy way out and use your whip on the hanging crockery that's looming over the soldier's head. When you've dealt with the soldier, Omar will be very grateful. He'll speak about Kerner and his team having discovered something in the desert, building a dig site of some kind. Omar thinks they've found an outpost from the Lost Kingdom. Since you saved his life, he'll give you a map and a camel and speed you on your way.

Omar and Paul will leave the house. However, Omar forgets to tell you about the map and the camel. Anyway, look around his house, you can take the two statues, but they have absolutely no use on this path. Take the bamboo stick and use it on the hanging cloth. The stick will break but you've got your map. Use the camel and you'll head out into the desert.

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Algiers - Desert

You'll have to travel through the desert, evading Nazi patrols. If you ever get intercepted by a Nazi, you'll have to beat him senseless or die. Stop at each of the nomad camps, asking for directions. They'll tell you where the "X" is according to their camp. Eventually, you'll find a nomad that says that the "X" is very close. Once you exit the camp, you'll see a red "X" in the desert. Go there and you'll have found a dig site.

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Algiers - Dig Site

Once on the dig site, head down the ladder to the underground chamber. On your way there, notice the rope ladder hanging from the sky. It will be dark inside so you'll have to find a way to make light. Look around for a metal thing (a portable generator). Next, look for a small metal thing. That's the switch. Push the switch and the generator will turn on, making light so that you can see around the room.

Pick up the ship rib, the wooden peg and the clay jar with an orichalcum bead inside. Head to the left of the room and examine the painting. See that round object on the painting? Push it. A small compartment will open up in the bottom of the mural painting. Insider, there's a stone disk, a Sunstone. Next, use the ship rib on the crumbling wall to the right. You'll find a mural of the island of Crete. There's a hole in the middle of the island. Use your wooden peg on the hole and use your Sunstone on the peg. Look inside Plato's Dialogue and search for the passage that talks about the Sunstone. Align the Sunstone according to the passage and a secret door will open. Pick up the Sunstone but leave the peg there or the door will close. Exit through the door. (You couldn't exit the underground room by using the ladder because the Nazi soldier in the balloon next to the site would shoot at you).

You'll climb out of a hole and a gun-toting Nazi guard will surprise you. Make one false move and he'll kill you on the spot. Use your whip on him to disarm him. Beat him senseless using your fists. Go to the left and climb up the rope ladder, getting inside the balloon. Once you're airborne, fly towards the north (off the top of the map) and you'll eventually reach the island of Crete.

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Crete - Old Ruins

Once you have arrived in Crete, head to the left. You'll end up in some old ruins. Cross the small bridge and head to the left again. At the end of the path, you'll find a surveyor's instrument. Pick it up and head back to the bridge, this time, passing under it to reach the other parts of the ruins. Enter all the entrances you come across until you discover a strange mural on the wall. It shows some bull horns, a bull's head and a bull's tail. Two lines start from the head and the tail and cross each of the bull's horns to converge on a circle. Indy thinks that might be one of the stone disks.

Back outside, push around piles of stones you find to try and discover the bull's head and the bull's tail. Once you discover the bull's head, place the surveyor's instrument on it and use it. Align the transit with the left side horn. Once you discover the bull's tail, place the surveyor's instrument on it and use it. Align the transit with the right side horn. The two lines that Indy traced will converge to place a yellow "X marks the spot" on the ground. Use the ship rib on the yellow "X" and he'll discover the second stone disk, the Moonstone. Go back to the right, towards where the plane landed and head for the right from there.

You'll notice a stone pedestal there. First, open the Lost Dialogue of Plato and look for the passage that speaks of the Greater Colony and the Moonstone. It will give you a hint on how to align the Sunstone and the Moonstone. Insert first the Sunstone and then the Moonstone on the stone pedestal. Align both stones correctly and a passage will open on the right. A Nazi soldier will come out. Punch his lights out and enter the door.

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Crete - Labyrinth

First, pick up two of the statues that are sitting on the stone platform. Go through the door and when you're on the other side, use your whip on the last statue head in the other room. Explore the labyrinth until you find a room with a minotaur statue. Use your whip on the minotaur's head and it'll fall off, tumble down the stairs and land on the pressure plate below. Step on the pressure plate and you'll go down.

Down there, you'll find a skeleton. That's Dr. Sternhart, the man you met in Tikal, the one who stole the Worldstone from you. Pick up his staff. Read the note next to Sternhart's skeleton. Now, look at the waterfall on the right side of the cave. Indy will discover a chain. Climb up the chain.

Next, find the room where there's a stone helf with the head of some king on top. Place all 3 statue heads you found earlier on the stone shelf and the gate will open. Once you're past the gate, take the passage that goes up. You'll end up in a room with a chasm, a stone shaft and a golden box on the other side. Use your staff on the chock near the stone shaft. That will free up the counterweight for the elevator. Head back down the way you came and take the right passage. You'll end up in a room with a giant statue head. Insert the staff inside the statue's mouth and the elevator will rise. After the elevator has risen, step off and pick up the gold box. You'll find two more orichalcum beads underneath it.

Next, find the door blocked by a stone slab. Use brute strength and push it about five or six times and it will fall over. You'll end up in a cave with a chasm. There's a rocky outcropping over the chasm. Use your whip on the outcropping and Indy will swing across. Enter the door and you'll see two Nazi guards talking at the end of a hallway. As soon as you walk in front of the hallway, one of the guards will come investigate. Quickly walk behind the right stone slab and push it when the guard is in front of it. (Alternatively you if you don't hide you can fight him normally -- be warned though: he's tough!) Enter the hallway and meet his friend, Franz. Beat him senseless to continue.

You'll arrive into a cave with four doorways. Go through one of the two left side ones. Whatever you do, don't go into the right side one first. Anyway, in the side passages, you'll encounter Nazi soldiers. Beat the hell out of them. Eventually, you'll arrive in a cave with a stalactite hanging over one of the guards (he's a very tough guard to beat in hand to hand combat). Push the stalactite and it will crush him. Return to the room with the four doorways and head for the right. You'll see the crushed guard there. Pick up the stalactite. Go right.

Now, if you go into the north door, you'll encounter a very tough looking Nazi soldier (who is physically impossible to beat by the way) called Arnold. He'll ask you to suggest a good drinking song for him to sing, if you do he'll let you pass without a fight (so long as you don't suggest "Yankee Doodle Dandy"!). Instead, head for the right passageway and you'll notice a boulder atop a slope. You have two items in your inventory that you can use for leverage to free the boulder : the ship rib and the stalactite. Use either one on the boulder and it will break. The stupid boulder will roll to the left and block the door you came in through. Go through the other opening. You'll meet Arnold, the singing Nazi guard. Give him a good song name and he'll let you pass. Back in the previous passage, use your remaining item for leverage on the boulder that's blocking the door on the right. The boulder will roll down the slope and crush the tough-looking guard, allowing you to pass. Search Arnold's body and you'll find an amber fish on a string along with a couple of orichalcum beads.

Go through the door on the left. You're in some kind of map room. There's a stone spindle in the middle of the map. Only one problem. You need the third stone disk, the Worldstone and you don't have it. Time to go orichalcum detecting in the cave. First, place all your orichalcum beads inside the gold box and close it. Go to the room where you crushed Arnold and use the amber fish on a string. If it doesn't detect anything, move to the other rooms and try your detector in rooms where there are pits. It will eventually point downward in a pit. Talk to the pit. Sophia is down there! Use your whip on the pit to help her climb out. She'll give you what she found down there... The Worldstone Sternhart stole from you in Tikal! Head back to the map room.

First, open up your Lost Dialogue of Plato and read the passage concerning the Worlstone that's needed to approach Atlantis itself. Put the three stone disks on the spindle and align them according to the clues given in the Dialogue. That will open up a door. Go through the door. You'll find the labyrinth exit. There's a stone pointer there as well. According to the markings, it seems to be pointing north towards the Lesser Colony of Atlantis. Only major landmass north of here is a volcanic island called Thera. That's your next stop.

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Once on Thera, head up the hill to the left that heads into the mountains. Once in the mountains, you'll notice three different locations you can go to : a notch, a cleft and a gap. Head for each one until you find a truck. Take the tire repair kit next to it. Head back to the docks. Read up in the Dialogue about the distance and location of the Lost City from the Lesser Colony. Talk to the ship captain there. Ask him if he can take you to Atlantis. He'll ask some directions.

Now, for example, if the passage in the Dialogue says that the "Lesser Colony is 270 miles northeast from the Lost City", you'll have to divide the distance by 10 because of Plato's tenfold translation error. The northeast part will have to be changed to southwest as well, since you're moving from the Lesser Colony to the Lost City.

Once you're on the sea and you reach the location that you provided the sea captain, open up the locker and take out the diving suit. Use the tire repair kit on it to fix the hole. Next, use the air hose on the repaired suit. Use the suit and Indy will put it on. However, he can't move in the thing. When Sophia takes over, first, turn on the air compressor. Next, use the hoist on Indy in the suit.

A Nazi submarine will pull up next to the boat while Indy is diving. Kerner shows up, kidnaps Sophia and cuts the hose, leaving Indy with about only 3 minutes of air before he suffocates. Simply head for each of the doorways that are located underwater until you find the entrance to Atlantis.

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