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Alright. You've chosen to continue your adventure with Sophia's help. She tells you about two people : Omar Al-Jabbar in Algiers and Alain Trottier in Monte Carlo. She thinks one of them has one of the 3 stone disks that you'll need to find Atlantis. Head for Algiers first.

Algiers - Part I

First thing you need to do in Algiers is talk to the knife thrower in the marketplace. He'll tell you where to find Omar Al-Jabbar and he'll also tell you that he needs a new assistant for his knife-throwing act. Talk to Sophia and ask her if she'll volunteer. She doesn't trust the knife-thrower that much. Tell her it's perfectly safe and ask her to watch more closely at his technique. She'll approach the knife thrower. Once you regain control of the cursor, push her towards the knife thrower. She'll become his new "assistant". After the knife-thrower's act, Sophia will give you a blood-stained knife.

You can also talk to the grocer to learn the location of Omar Al-Jabbar's shop and he'll also tell you about today's special : squab-on-a-stick for only 20 dinars. For now, head towards the back of the marketplace to find Omar Al-Jabbar's shop by going down the back alley. Talk to the shopkeeper there. He claims to know something about Atlantis but he's not sure he should take you seriously or not. He needs some kind of proof. He says that if you can show him one of the 3 stone disks, he'll help you.

Before leaving the shop, don't forget to take the mask (it's the only reason to come to Algiers before Monte Carlo!). Head back to the airport by heading back the way you came. Travel to Monte Carlo.

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Monte Carlo

Once in Monte Carlo, Sophia will talk to you. She thinks that Trottier might have one of the 3 stone disks. She has a plan in mind, some kind of sťance. She asks you to look for Trottier while she goes back to her room to prepare for the sťance. She has no idea what Trottier looks like though. After Sophia heads back to her room, start looking for Trottier. He's a bald man that wears a brown suit. You'll eventually see him walking in and out of the hotel. Talk to him when you see him. Present yourself as Dr. Indiana Jones and try and be as friendly as possible or else he'll leave, offended. He says he's heard of you. Try and remember the conversation you have with him. It may come in handy later on. To prove that you're to be trusted, Trottier asks you a question on Atlantis. The answers to his questions can be found in Plato's Lost Dialogue. Once you've answered his question correctly, ask him to come upstairs so that Madame Sophia can read his fortune. If you ever manage to offend Trottier and he refuses to come upstairs to see Sophia, go and see her and she'll suggest you talk to him about Nur-Ab-Sal. Drop the name to Trottier and he'll consider following you upstairs.

Once you've managed to convince Trottier to come upstairs for Sophia's sťance, you have two choices. You can either let Sophia deal with him or have Indy try something out. If you choose to let Sophia do the talking, here's what you have to do :

First off, say that Nur-Ab-Sal needs proof of Trottier's sincere belief before starting. He says he has one of the 3 stone keys. He takes out a stone disk and puts it on the table. However, before continuing, Trottier wants to prove that Sophia isn't an imposter and asks her some questions. Think back to the conversation Indy had with Trottier in the street. First, Trottier will ask Sophia why he was taking a stroll tonight. Second, he'll also what his greatest fear is. Third, he'll ask what his greatest need is. He won't let on if you've answered the first 3 questions correctly or not. For his final question, he'll ask how many fingers he's holding behind his back. Now is the time to save! This is completely random but it IS possible to guess the correct number (if you don't get it right no matter which number you pick then you must have answered one of the first questions wrong). Once you get it right he'll believe Sophia and that think that she's trustworthy. He'll then ask for his fortune. Answer anything and he'll give you the stone disk.

You can also let Indy do his thing during the seance. First, Sophia will ask for some token of power to channel her thoughts. Trottier will put his stone disk on the table. Once you gain control of Indy, open the cabinet and take the flashlight inside. Then, open the fuse box and push the circuit breakers to shut off the lights. Head over to the bed and pick up the bed sheet. Use the bed sheet, use the mask that you found in Algiers and then use the flashlight. Indy will appear as some kind of ghost and he'll scare Trottier off. The stone disk will be on the table.

Once you have Trottier's Sunstone, go back downstairs and hail a taxi. Head back to Algiers.

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Algiers - Part II

Back in Algiers, go back to the shop in the back alley. Show the Sunstone to the shopkeeper. He'll reveal himself to be Omar Al-Jabbar. Indy asks him what he knows about Atlantis. Omar says that somewhere deep in the Atlas mountains, there's an archeological dig site. He's convinced that it contains the remains of an Atlantean outpost. He doesn't know where the dig site is exactly but he has a rough map of where it might be. He's willing to lend Indy and Sophia the map and some sturdy camels.

Unfortunately, Indy and Sophia come back empty handed from their trip in the desert. They go back to see Omar in his shop. He says he's terribly sorry but that he's willing to make a trade with them for the mask he gave them earlier. Accept the first offer he makes, no matter what the item is. Head back to see the grocer and talk about a deal to get a squab-on-a-stick. Offer him the item you've just received from Omar. You might get lucky and the grocer will accept your trade offer for the squab. If not, he'll drop some clues about what he would like to have (either the color of the object or its nature, something like that). Head back to see Omar and keep trading for items until you get what the grocer wants for the squab. This may take a few tries.

Once you have the squab, head over towards the path that leads back to the airport. There, you'll notice a beggar. Talk to him and he says that if you bring him free food, he'll give you a free gift. Offer him the squab. He'll give you a balloon ticket. Head up the stairs on the right to reach the roof. Give the balloon ticket to the balloon man and he'll let you ride the balloon. Climb into the balloon. The balloon man will raise the balloon into the air. Once you're in the air, use the blood-stained knife on the rope and you'll be cut free.

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Algiers - Balloon Ride

Once you're airborn and in the balloon, you can either vent hydrogen or drop a ballast. Doing one of those two actions will make you turn in a direction. Once you've figured out how to navigate using the balloon, look for nomad camps in the desert. When you find one, land and ask the nomad there for directions. He'll give you directions on where the "X" is from his camp. Head from camp to camp, asking for directions along the way. Eventually, you'll find a camp that's very close to the dig site and when you get back in the balloon, a red "X" will appear on the map. Head for the "X" and you'll get shot at by a Nazi soldier. The balloon will crash on the soldier and near the dig site. Head left to reach the dig site.

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Algiers - Dig Site

Sophia will head off on her own and fall down some hole near a table. For now, head down to the actual dig site. It'll be very dark down there and you won't see a thing. You can still move your mouse around and you'll notice objects laying around. Pick up the long tubular thing (a hose), the sharp wood thing (a ship rib), the clay thing (a clay jar) and the blunt wood thing (a wooden peg). Head back to the surface and walk towards the truck. Open the gas tank and insert the hose in it. Then, use the clay jar on the end of the hose to fill it up with gas. You can pick up the hose again if you want and close the gas tank. Head back down to the dig site. In the darkness, towards the left, there's a metal thing, that's a portable generator. Move your mouse around there until you find a metal cap. That's the gas cap. Open the gas cap and use the gas-filled jar on the gas-filler pipe. Close the gas cap. Finally, move your mouse around again to find a small metal thing. That's the switch. Push it and the portable generator will turn on and light up the room you're in.

Now, head towards the right of the room and you'll notice a crumbling wall. Use the ship rib on the crumbling wall and it will reveal some kind of mural. It's a map of the island of Crete with a hole in the middle. Insert the wooden peg you found into the hole. Then, use the Sunstone on the peg in the wall. Next, open up your Lost Dialogue of Plato and look for the passage where it talks about "the outpost where only a Sunstone suffices". That will give you a clue on how to align the Sunstone. Once you've correctly aligned the stone, A secret passage will open, letting Sophia out. She'll hand over two items to you : a distributor cap that dropped on her head when she fell into the hole and an amber fish on a string. Before exiting the underground dig site, don't forget to take back the Sunstone from the mural. You can also take back the wooden peg if you want. Go back to the generator and open it. There's a spark plug inside that you'll need. Shut off the generator and take the spark plug.

Back on the surface, head towards the truck. Put back the distributor cap and the spark plug. Close the hood and the truck is now ready to bring you back to the airport. Next destination : the Island of Crete.

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Crete - Old Ruins

Once you have arrived in Crete, head to the left. You'll end up in some old ruins. Cross the small bridge and head to the left again. At the end of the path, you'll find a surveyor's instrument. Pick it up and head back to the bridge, this time, passing under it to reach the other parts of the ruins. Enter all the entrances you come across until you discover a strange mural on the wall. It shows some bull horns, a bull's head and a bull's tail. On the mural two lines start from the head and the tail and cross each of the bull's horns to converge on a circle. Indy thinks that might be one of the stone disks.

Back outside, push around piles of stones you find to try and discover the bull's head and the bull's tail. Once you discover the bull's head, place the surveyor's instrument on it and use it. Align the transit with the left side horn. Once you discover the bull's tail, place the surveyor's instrument on it and use it. Align the transit with the right side horn. The two lines that Indy traced will converge to place a yellow "X marks the spot" on the ground. Use the ship rib on the yellow "X" and he'll discover the second stone disk, the Moonstone. Go back to the right, towards where the plane landed and head for the right from there.

You'll notice a stone pedestal there. First, open the Lost Dialogue of Plato and look for the passage that speaks of the Greater Colony and the Moonstone. It will give you a hint on how to align the Sunstone and the Moonstone. Insert first the Sunstone and then the Moonstone on the stone pedestal. Align both stones correctly and a passage will open on the right.

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Crete - Labyrinth

You'll find yourself in an old labyrinth. First, pick up two of the statues that are sitting on the stone platform. Go through the door and when you're on the other side, use your whip on the last statue head in the other room. Explore the labyrinth until you find a room with a minotaur statue. Use your whip on the minotaur's head and it'll fall off, tumble down the stairs and land on the pressure plate below. Step on the pressure plate and you'll go down.

Down there, you'll find a skeleton. That's Dr. Sternhart, the man you met in Tikal, the one who stole the Worldstone from you. Take back the Worldstone, the last stone disk and pick up his staff too. Now, look at the waterfall on the right side of the cave. Indy will discover a chain. Climb up the chain. Sophia will wait for you down there.

Next, find the room where there's a stone helf with the head of some king on top. Place all 3 statue heads you found earlier on the stone shelf and the gate will open. Once you're past the gate, take the passage that goes up. You'll end up in a room with a chasm, a stone shaft and a golden box on the other side. Use your staff on the chock near the stone shaft. That will free up the counterweight for the elevator. Head back down the way you came and take the right passage. You'll end up in a room with a giant statue head. Insert the staff inside the statue's mouth and the elevator will rise. After the elevator has risen, step off and pick up the gold box. You'll find two more orichalcum beads underneath it.

Next, head back down to the place where you found Sternhart's skeleton and where Sophia is waiting for you. Head to the room in the back. You'll have to convince Sophia to boost her through the hole. Once she's on the other side, she'll use a pulley and it'll open the gate, allowing you to pass. Now, you need to put all of your orichalcum beads inside the gold box. Try using the amber fish on a string. It will point at Sophia's necklace. Ask Sophia to put her necklace inside the gold box. Once those two things are done, your orichalcum detector, the amber fish on a string will help you find the way out of the labyrinth. Use it and it will eventually point you in the direction of a blank wall. Use your ship rib on the wall to discover a door. Open the door and go through. On the other side, you'll find yet another oricalchum bead (it was what set the orichalcum detector off).

Go to the right and you'll enter some kind of map room with some kind of scale model of Atlantis. In the center of the model, there's a stone spindle. First, open up your Lost Dialogue of Plato and read the passage concerning the Worlstone that's needed to approach Atlantis itself. Put the three stone disks on the spindle and align them according to the clues given in the Dialogue. That will open up a door. Go through the door. Klaus Kerner will appear and say that he has captured Sophia. He wants the stone disks in exchange for Sophia. Kerner will take the disks and trap Indy inside the room. Look on the far right of the room for the rock wall. Use the ship rib on the rock wall.

You'll see a cutscene on some Nazi U-boat with Sophia and Kerner. Eventually, Indy will come out of the labyrinth and notice the Nazi U-boat near the docks. Walk towards the submarine. Climb to the top and open the top hatch. He'll be intercepted by the captain. Indy will slug him and enter the submarine.

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Nazi Submarine

Once you have control of Indy again, use the intercom and tell everyone to head for the aft torpedo bay. You can try using the big lever there but it will snap right off. Head to the left, towards the kitchen. Pick up some bread, some cold cuts and the porcelain mug. Go to the left again and you'll end up in some kind of machine room. There, you'll find both the speed lever and the reverse switch. Use both of them. Go back to the kitchen and open the trap door leading to the lower floor. Down there, use the porcelain mug on the leaking battery acid. Next, head to the right, and you'll see Sophia being guarded by a Nazi guard. Tell her to distract him. Go back up a floor and head down the ladder next to the guard Sophia is distracting. Take the plunger and head back up.

Head for the right and open the trap door that leads to the strong box. Use the acid-filled mug on the strong box. Inside, you'll find your three stone disks and a small key too. Next, go back to where Sophia is being guarded and talk to the guard. Mention something about "bucket" or "pail". Sophia will pick up the bucket next to her and whack the guard on the head with it, knocking him out cold. Now, use the key you just found on the steering wheel the guard was standing next to. That will unlock the emergency rudder control wheel. Use it. Next, head back to where you first entered the submarine and where you found that lever that broke off. Use the plunger on the broken lever and that will do nicely. Once you've found all of the submarine's controls, you can navigate it and have it enter the airlock entrance. You've now reached Atlantis!

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