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So, you've decided to continue your adventure alone, using your wit and charm to get you through the rest? Well, Sophia will remain in New York while you can head off either to Monte Carlo to find Alain Trottier or Algiers, to find Omar Al-Jabbar. First, head to Monte Carlo. As soon as you get there, you might want to take a little time to read the Lost Dialogue of Plato carefully. You're going to need its information soon.

Monte Carlo - Part I

Once in Monte Carlo, start looking for Trottier. Since Indy has never met him, he doesn't know what he looks like. There are a lot of strangers walking around in the street. You can talk to them to get hints on how Trottier looks like. He's fairly easy to spot out. He's the man who has balding grey hair and a brown suit with a white flower on it. Once you've found him, talk to him and be as modest as possible, trying to not insult him. If you do manage to insult him, he won't talk to you for a while. Eventually, he'll ask you a question on Atlantis. The question he asks changes very time you play the game. Once you've answered his question correctly, he'll give you his business card and be on his way. Get into a taxi and go to the airport. Head to Algiers.

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Algiers - City

First, you need to find Omar Al-Jabbar. Head towards the shop in the back alley to the left. There's a storekeeper there named Paul Abdul, Omar Al-Jabbar's servant. Talk to him and ask him if you can meet Omar. He'll say that he's a very busy man and that he needs a very good reason to go and disturb him. Show him Alain Trottier's business card and he'll leave the shop to go talk to Omar. You can try following him into the city but it will be very difficult to make him out in the crowd. However, if you'll notice carefully, when you're on the city map, there's a red dot moving around. Wait for the red dot to enter the market and then enter the market. You'll see a man wearing a red fez there. Talk to him and say that his fez looks festive. Be careful, if you choose the wrong dialogue line, he'll leave and you'll have to go find him again in the city streets.

(Note: It IS possible to follow the servant without getting the fez, but it's a LOT harder. If you're interested in getting all the IQ points then you should attempt both.)

The precise line of dialogue to get the fez goes like this:
> "Nice fez." (don't choose anything else first) > "Festival? Which festival?" (optional) > "No, but that's quite a hat." > "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye." > "It's very festive." > "Well..." or "I am frustrated."
Then pick either line (it doesn't matter) and he'll happily hand over his fez.

Once you have the man's red fez, head back to the shop in the back alley. The servant might not be back yet so wait for him. When he gets back, he'll say that Omar is sorry but that he can't see you right now. Give the fez to the servant. He'll ask why he should take your fez. The answer is random so you'll have to try until you get the right one (although you'll get a clue by trying to buy one of the pots). Once he's wearing the fez, talk to him again and ask him if he can go ask Omar for a meeting again. He'll once again leave the shop. However, this time, when you follow him, he'll be the red dot on the city streets. Follow him around and eventually, he'll enter a building. Enter Omar's house.

Omar will not be very pleased. He'll ask Paul to leave and go alert the police while he entertains you. First, walk over to the closet. Omar will follow you inside, asking you to leave his things alone. Exit the closet and close the door. That will trap him inside. Pick up the piece of bamboo, Omar's statue and the blackbird statue. Next, use the bamboo stick on the hanging cloth. The stick will break but you'll find a map. Use the camel that's outside the window and head outside the city.

Note: The statue and blackbird statue were in Indy's office in the Last Crusade adventure game. (In Last Crusade, looking at the bird statue got a Star Wars reference, in Fate of Atlantis you get a reference to the 1940's film noir "The Maltese Falcon" instead.)

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Algiers - Desert

You'll have to travel through the desert, evading legionnaire patrols. If you ever get intercepted by a legionnaire, you can bribe using the statues you found inside Omar's house. Stop at each of the nomad camps, asking for directions. They'll tell you where the "X" is according to their camp. Eventually, you'll find a nomad that says that the "X" is very close. Once you exit the camp, you'll see a red "X" in the desert. Go there and you'll have found a dig site.

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Algiers - Dig Site

Once on the dig site, head down the ladder to the underground chamber. It will be dark inside so you'll have to find a way to make light. Pick up the long, tubular thing (a hose) and the clay thing (a clay jar). You'll find an orichalcum bead inside the jar. Head back to the surface and go to the truck. Open the gas tank and insert the hose in it. Then, use the clay jar on the end of the hose. That will fill it up with gas. Head back down to the dark room and look around for a metal thing (a portable generator). (Note how the room gets slightly lighter as Indy's eyes slowly adjust to the darkness -- neat touch!) Try and find the metal cap, that's the gas cap. Open it and use the gas-filled jar on the gas-filler pipe. Close the gas cap. Next, look for a small metal thing. That's the switch. Push the switch and the generator will turn on, making light so that you can see around the room.

Pick up the ship rib. You can use the ship rib on the crumbling wall to the right but it will only uncover a now unreadable mural that might have been a map to Atlantis. Head to the left of the room and examine the painting. See that round object on the painting? Push it. A small compartment will open up in the bottom of the mural painting. Insider, there's a statue like the one you found in Caswell Hall during the introduction. Before leaving the underground room, shut down the generator and open it up. Pick up the ceramic thing inside (a spark plug). Head back to the surface and go to the truck. Open the hood of the truck and use the spark plug on the engine. Close the hood and open the truck's door. On the seat, you'll find a piece of paper. It seems that Uberman and Kerner have set a trap for Trottier in Monte Carlo, using Sophia as bait! Best get going!

Wait! The truck won't start... Use an orichalcum bead in the horned statuette you've just found. The horns will become electrified. Open the hood of the truck and use the charged statuette on the spark plug. Close the hood and head to the airport. You need to go warn Trottier about the Nazi's plans!

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Monte Carlo - Part II

When you arrive in Monte Carlo, locate Trottier and try to warn him about the Nazi plot. He won't believe you and he'll take out a stone disk out of his jacket. That will attract the attention of the Nazis. They'll drive by, kidnap Trottier and head off. A car chase scene will occur. Basically, what you need to do is ram the Nazi's car a few times. Eventually, there will be a collision. The two Nazis who kidnapped Trottier will run away from the car crash. After regaining your senses, go over to Trottier to see if he's alright. After thinking a little, Trottier will say that he's recently acquired a Sunstone, one of the three stone disks Plato talks about in his Dialogue. He also says that he knows where you can find an entrace to the Lost City itself. He says it's on the island of Thera, south of Greece. He's convinced that Thera is the Lesser Colony Plato talks about in his dialogue. He says he'd give you the Sunstone but he threw it out of the window of the car during the chase. He'll tell you on which street corners he threw it out though. He'll write the street names on the telegram. After a bit of searching through the streets, you'll eventually find the Sunstone in one of the sewer drains.

Once you've found the Sunstone, head back to the hotel, get into the taxi and head for the airport. Next destination : Thera, south of Greece.

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After landing on Thera, check out that crate next to the port authority. There is an hot air balloon inside. However, to take it, you need to bring an invoice to the port authority. Go to the left and you'll see a very large basket. Try and pick it up and the port authority will stop you again, telling you that it belongs to him. He's willing to trade the basket for a little souvenir from the archeological dig in the mountains. You can pick up the fish net that's hanging close to the basket though. Leave the dock and head for the mountains.

Once in the mountains, you'll notice three different locations you can go to : a notch, a cleft and a gap. Head for each one until you find the entrance to a cave. Outside the cave, there's an empty opened crate. Close it and you'll see the invoice for the observation balloon. Pick it up. Enter the cave.

You'll end up inside a room with an opened door and a bunch of crates. Pick up the entrenching tool from the pile of crates. The cave entrance will cave in but don't worry about that for now. Close the door and a small stone compartment will open to the right of the door, with a stone spindle on it. Open up the Lost Dialogue and read the passage about a Sunstone being needed for the Lesser Colony. Put the Sunstone on the spindle and align it. Press the peg and if aligned correctly, you'll hear a "klik" sound. Open the door and you'll see a stone carving inside. Pick it up and close the door again. Take back the Sunstone from the spindle and head for the cave's entrance. Open up the entrenching tool. You'll find a note from Sophia inside, saying that she's been kidnapped by the Nazis and that she needs your help. Use the entrenching tool on the caved in door.

You'll see a cutscene with Kerner, Ubermann and Sophia. They leave the Thera docks to board a Nazi submarine. Head back to the dock and first, give the invoice to the port authority to get the hot air balloon. Next, give him the stone carving you found inside the dig site. He'll translate it for you. Seems Kerner is heading for the Greater Colony of Atlantis, on Crete. The port authority will allow you to take the large basket. First, open up the crate and pick up the hot air balloon. Pick up the basket too. You now have everything you need to put together the balloon. Use the fishnet on the balloon and the now harnessed balloon on the basket. Finally, use the hose on the contraption. You now have a deflated balloon. You need hot air though. Head back to the dig site entrance in the mountains. There's a vent there to the right. Use your rig on the vent and the balloon will inflate. Use it and you'll fly off Thera.

Once you're floating over the sea in the balloon, you need to locate the submarine. You can navigate the balloon by either venting hydrogen or dropping ballasts. Eventually, you'll find the Nazi submarine. Land on it.

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Nazi Submarine

Indy will land near the submarine. A sailor will look at the balloon fly by. Once Indy's on the submarine, he'll knock the sailor senseless and he'll borrow his uniform. You'll now have Indy's gear in your inventory. Enter the submarine by opening the top hatch. Climb down to the deck where you'll see a guard standing next to some lockers. Go to the left, to the kitchen. Pick up some bread and some cold cuts and make yourself a sandwich. Go back to the forward section where the guard is standing. Give your sandwich to the guard (or eat it in front of him if you're feeling cruel :). He won't want to take yours so you'll suggest that he goes make one for himself. He'll accept and go to the kitchen. Open the lockers and inside, you'll find a Moonstone and some torpedo instructions.

Head to the right and you'll see a cutscene. The sub changes course and heads for Knossos on the island of Crete. You'll see Kerner, Ubermann and Sophia on top of the submarine. Indy says he'd better find a way out of the submarine. He can't exit through the top hatch because there's a soldier standing guard. Head to the right and take the clothesline. Head to the right again, where the Captain is reprimanding two of his men. Pick up the oily rag. Go back to the aft section of the sub. Head for the far left. You'll see a damaged torpedo tube. Use the torpedo instructions on the control panel. That will ready the tube to be fired. Put the oily rag on the exposed wires. Pull the lever. That will start a fire, which will attract the attention of the crew from the other section. Go to the head and open the door. Get inside and close the door. Use your Indy gear to change back into your old clothes.

Head to the far right section of the sub. Use the torpedo instructions on the control panel there. Open the torpedo tube and use the clothesline on the lever. Get inside the tube and close it. Pull the clothesline. You'll be torpedoed outside in the water, near the docks on Crete.

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Crete - Labyrinth

You can go to the left, to the old ruins but you won't find anything of importance there. Go where the stone spindle is. Open up the Lost Dialogue of Plato and read the paragraph about the Moonstone being needed as well. Put the Sunstone and the Moonstone on the spindle and align them accordingly. A secret door will open, leading to a huge labyrinth.

First, pick up two of the statues that are sitting on the stone platform. Go through the door and when you're on the other side, use your whip on the last statue head in the other room. Explore the labyrinth until you find a room with a minotaur statue. Use your whip on the minotaur's head and it'll fall off, tumble down the stairs and land on the pressure plate below. Step on the pressure plate and you'll go down.

Down there, you'll find a skeleton. That's Dr. Sternhart, the man you met in Tikal, the one who stole the Worldstone from you. Take back the Worldstone, the last stone disk and pick up his staff too. Pick up the wool scarf too. You'll find a rubber comb inside. Read the note next to Sternhart's skeleton about static electricity being able to detect orichalcum. Now, look at the waterfall on the right side of the cave. Indy will discover a chain. Climb up the chain.

Next, find the room where there's a stone helf with the head of some king on top. Place all 3 statue heads you found earlier on the stone shelf and the gate will open. Once you're past the gate, take the passage that goes up. You'll end up in a room with a chasm, a stone shaft and a golden box on the other side. Use your staff on the chock near the stone shaft. That will free up the counterweight for the elevator. Head back down the way you came and take the right passage. You'll end up in a room with a giant statue head. Insert the staff inside the statue's mouth and the elevator will rise. After the elevator has risen, step off and pick up the gold box. You'll find two more orichalcum beads underneath it.

Go through the north door and you'll find a room with a microtaur in it. Put an orichalcum bead in the horned statuette you found in Algiers. The horns will once again become charged with electricity. Use the charged statuette on the hatch of the microtaur. It will activate itself and dig a hole through the wall. Crawl through the hole.

You'll enter some kind of map room with some kind of scale model of Atlantis. In the center of the model, there's a stone spindle. First, open up your Lost Dialogue of Plato and read the passage concerning the Worlstone that's needed to approach Atlantis itself. Put the three stone disks on the spindle and align them according to the clues given in the Dialogue. That will open up a door. Go through the door.

You'll find yourself in a room with a waterfall. You need to make an orichalcum detector. First, open up the gold box and put your orichalcum beads inside and close it. Then, use the clothesline you found in the sub on the rubber comb. Use the wool scarf on the comb and it will become charged with static electricity. Use the comb on a string. It will point in the direction of the door on the right. Go there, Indy will walk behind the waterfall. Once in the room, use the scarf on the comb again and use the comb on a string again. It will point to the bones. Look at the bones and you'll find a couple more beads. Head back to the room with the waterfall, charge up your comb and use it. It will now point to that blank wall in the back. Use your open entrenching tool on the wall and you'll find a hidden door. Open it and go through. You'll find yourself in some kind of subway system. There's an orichalcum bead on the floor. That's why your detector was pointing in this direction. Anyway, use an orichalcum bead in the mouth of the subway car. It will activate and Indy will climb in. You're heading for the Lost City of Atlantis. Hang on tight!

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