The Complete Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Game Guide

By John "ThunderPeel2001" Walker

To the one and only truly complete guide to the overlooked LucasArts graphic adventure...
 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!

This great game brought together three incredible minds:
Noah Falstein
(Fate of Atlantis)
David Fox
(Maniac Mansion, Zak McKraken) and
Ron Gilbert
(Maniac, Mansion, Secret of Monkey Island).

The game was the product of a frantic schedule (in order to make the film's release) and the staffers were pulled off other projects to get this one completed on time. It may sound like a terrible way for a game to be produced, especially for an adventure game, but the end result was surprisingly good!

The game was revolutionary in many ways (especially for LucasArts), it tried to mix arcade sections with puzzles (something game designers are STILL trying to do! :) and had several paths to get through the game. In reality the game has its flaws; the arcade sections don't work too well, the dialogue to avoid those annoying fights was more trial than error than anything and the SCUMM interface used was behind that of Monkey Island.

But those who persevered through its shortcomings were rewarded with a funny, intelligent and thoroughly rewarding Indiana Jones adventure that paved the way for the excellent Fate of Atlantis.

I hope you've learnt to enjoy this excellent game too!

In this guide you will find...
 maps for every mazey section of the game,
dialogue selections to avoid any fights!,
a complete list of all IQ Points and how to get them...
and much, much more!

(Told you it was complete! ;^)

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