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Barnett College, Caswell Hall - Introduction

During the opening credits, Indy crashes through a window, ending up inside one of the attics of Caswell Hall. He seems to be looking for some kind of statue. There are many statues and items laying around the room. You can click on any of them to have brief descriptions. Once you click on the peculiar statue on the left side of the room, a trap door will open under Indy's feet and he'll fall. He'll end up in yet another room filled with shelves. At the right of the room, there's a gaping hole with some rope next to it. Try to pick up the rope and a broken statue will knock Indy on the head and he'll fall into the gaping hole. After regaining his senses, Indy finds himself in yet another room filled with bookshelves. There's a bookcase filled with books on statues on the left side of the room. Indy tries to pick up one of the books inside and the bookcase falls on him. He finds himself inside yet another room, this time, there's a table with 4 cats on the left. Examine a cat and then another one and Indy will be surprised by a live cat, heading backwards and falling down a coal chute. He then finds himself inside a furnace room. Examine the 3 lockers in the back of the room. After opening the third locker, Indy will finally find the statue he's looking for.

Indy goes back to his office to meet Marcus and a man named Mr. Smith. It seems Mr. Smith is looking for the horned statue Indy just found. Mr. Smith has a "key" for the statue. After inserting the key in the base of the statue, a small bead comes out. Mr. Smith then takes out a gun and asks Indy to hand over the statue and the bead. After wrestling with Indy, Mr. Smith manages to escape but not without leaving his trenchcoat behind. After searching his coat, they discover that the man is named Klaus Kerner and that he's some sort of secret agent for the Third Reich. They also find an old copy of National Archeology. Inside, they find photos of one of Indy's digs in Iceland with his old assistant, Sophia Hapgood. She's now in New York City, working as a psychic who gives lectures on the paranormal. Indy decides to go to New York City to try and warn Sophia about that Kerner spy.

Note : You can skip the whole introduction by repeatedly pressing Esc. ^_~

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New York City

Indy can try and buy a ticket to attend Sophia's lecture but they're all sold out. Pick up today's newspaper from the newsstand. Now, there are three different ways to get inside the place where Sophia is giving her lecture. (The way you manage to get in determines which path Sophia RECOMMENDS to Indy later (although you can choose whichever you want regardless).)

#1 (Team Path): You can try talking to Biff the bouncer by opening the back door. After that, sweet talk him by saying how smart Sophia is and how she makes things easy to understand. #2 (Fists Path): Insult the bouncer instead to the point where you have to fight with him (and then beat him!). #3 (Wits Path): You can push around the crates behind the building, making a path to the fire escape ladder.
Once you're inside the building, you'll have to contend with the stagehand that is standing next to the control panel on the left. If you try and approach Sophia while she's giving her lecture, the old man will stop you and you'll see parts of Sophia's lecture on Atlantis. After a few tries, the cutscenes to Sophia's lecture will stop. You need to get rid of that stagehand somehow. After talking to him, you realize that one of his hobbies is reading. Give him the newspaper and he'll step away from the control panel. Push the left lever and the right lever and press the little red button and the ghost will fly off in front of the stage. There's a malfunction and Sophia's lecture will end prematurely.

Indy and Sophia head back to her office and realize that someone has searched her room. Klaus Kerner was looking for something in her room. After having a chat with Sophia, she tells him that they need to find the Lost Dialogue of Plato. They decide to head to Iceland, where they found the pieces that the Nazis are looking for.

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Iceland - I

Once in Iceland, you need to find Dr. Bjorn Heimdall. He's in the old dig site, hacking away at some ice wall with a pick axe trying to dislodge an eel figurine. Talk to Dr. Heimdall. Ask him about the Lost Dialogue of Plato. He'll tell you that there's two people you might want to visit : Dr. Charles Sternhart in Tikal and Felipe Costa in the Azores Islands. Once you're done talking with Heimdall, head back to the truck outside and drive back to the airport. Head for Tikal first to find Dr. Sternhart.

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Once arrived in Tikal, walk towards the entrance to the jungle on the right. In the jungle, you'll notice a rodent that always runs away from you when you approach it. After navigating through the jungle maze, you'll find yourself on the other side. Only one small problem... There's a huge snake wrapped around the tree. To get rid of the snake, simply head back into the jungle and wait until the rodent is in front of the entrance that leads back to the snake. Keep your distance from the rodent and use your whip to scare it into the entrance. The rodent will exit the jungle and will get attacked by the snake. Both animals fall down the ravine. Go back to the tree. Use the tree. Indy will climb it and it'll bend over, allowing him to cross the ravine. You'll meet up with Sophia on the other side.

Now, you need to find Sternhart. Try picking up the kerosene lamp that's near that souvenir stand. Sternhart will come out of the temple, telling you to leave the lamp alone. After talking with Sternhart, you discover that a certain "Mr. Smith" got to Sternhart's last copy of the Dialogue before you. Ask Sternhart if you can take a look around in the temple. He asks you the name of the Lost Dialogue of Plato. Tell him that you don't know the title. Sternhart will head back to the temple. Go and talk to the parrot that's in the tree to the left. Choose "Title?" and the parrot will tell you the name of the Lost Dialogue of Plato : Hermocrates.

Head towards the temple and you'll get intercepted by Sternhart yet again. He asks you for the name of the Dialogue. Answer him with "Hermocrates" and he'll let you go inside to have a look. Once inside the temple, talk to Sophia and ask her to keep Sternhart occupied. Head back outside and pick up the kerosene lamp from the souvenir stand. Go back inside the temple. Open the kerosene lamp and use it on the spiral design on the right. The kerosene will eat away the tarnish. Pick up the spiral design. Use it on the animal head on the left. Now, it looks like an elephant head. Pull the elephant's nose and a tomb will open up on the right, where the spiral design was. Sternhart will find a stone disk inside called a Worldstone. He'll escape with the Worldstone, leaving Indy and Sophia behind. Go back to the tomb and pick up the shiny bead, an orichalcum bead. Exit the temple and go to the right, to the path around the jungle. Use the truck and head back to the airport. Go to back to Iceland.

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Iceland - II

Back in Iceland, enter the old dig site. You'll find Dr. Heimdall, frozen solid. However, he exposed the eel's head. Use the orichalcum bead you just found on the exposed eel's head. It will melt itself out of the ice. Pick up the eel figurine. Exit the dig site and go back to the truck. Use it to go back to the airport and head for the Azores.

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The Azores

When you arrive, have Indy talk to Costa first. He won't have much success. Have Indy talk to Sophia and ask her to take over for him. Once in control of Sophia, talk to Costa. The old man will be much more receptive. He doesn't have the Dialogue and he's never read it. He is willing to trade information on its whereabouts for a rare Atlantean artifact though. At first, he wants to trade for Sophia's necklace. Of course, she'll refuse to trade her necklace. Ask him if he'll do business with her friend. He'll say he'll do business with anyone. Have Sophia talk to Indy and hand back over control to him. Have Indy talk to Costa again. Talk about a trade with him. Offer him the eel figurine. He'll tell Indy that he doesn't know where to find the Lost Dialogue but he'll tell you the name of the collection it's part of.

Note : The name of the collection changes every time you play. Just note the name of the collection that Costa speaks about.

No matter what the name of the collection, Indy believes that Barnett College owns it. So, it's time to head back to Barnett College. Before going back to Barnett College, a cutscene will be presented with Klaus Kerner and Dr. Ubermann in a secret laboratory somewhere in Germany.

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Barnett College

Back in the States, Indy will enter Caswell Hall, where he thinks the collection containing Plato's Lost Dialogue is kept. Sophia will go and wait for Indy back in his office. The location of Plato's Lost Dialogue also changes every time you play the game. First, I'll list all of the items you can acquire in Caswell Hall and Indy's office that will allow you to find the Dialogue.

Items to be found

  • In Indy's office, you can find an old jar of mayonnaise that now looks like used motor oil.
  • In Caswell Hall, there's a dirty rag in the furnace room.
  • You can also pick up a lump of coal from the furnace room.
  • In the room where the bookcase fell over Indy during the introduction, there's a school desk. Look at the school desk and Indy will find a piece of gum. You can pick up the piece of gum. It will help you later on.
  • In the room where the statue collapsed and knocked Indy on the head, there's an arrowhead sitting on a shelf in the back.
  • Inside the urn in the attic, you may find a key (only if the Dialogue is hidden inside the old dusty chest).

    Plato's Lost Dialogue Locations

    A) Behind the big crate in the room with the totem pole, there's an old dusty chest. It's locked and the only way to open it is to use the key found inside the urn in the attic. To reach the attic, use the jar of mayonnaise on the totem pole and pull the totem pole two times, towards the opening in the ceiling. Climb the totem pole and you'll reach the attic. Open the urn, look inside and you'll find a key. Go back down and use the key on the dusty old chest. The Lost Dialogue of Plato will be inside.

    B) The Lost Dialogue of Plato is hidden inside one of the cat figurines. To reach the room where the cat figurines are stored, you need to use the gum on the coal chute for traction. One of the cat figurines will be made out of wax. It's usually the one that scared Indy during the introduction. Take the cat figurine made out of wax and go back down to the furnace room. Open the furnace and use the wax cat on it. The Lost Dialogue will be inside.

    C) The Lost Dialogue of Plato is inside the bookcase that fell on Indy during the introduction. One way to reach the Dialogue is to open the back of the bookcase. However, it's screwed pretty tight. You need some kind of screwdriver. Use the dirty rag on the arrowhead. Use the wrapped arrowhead on the 5 screws and open the tipped-over bookcase. Indy will find the Lost Dialogue inside.

    An easier alternative way is to go get the chewing gum and go downstairs to the furnace room. Pick up a piece of coal and get Indy to use the gum on the coal chute. Once upstairs note the hole in the ceiling and the one book that remains up there -- guess which one it is! Use the piece of coal on the book and it will fall down, allowing Indy to grab it.
  • Once you've found the Lost Dialogue of Plato, head back to Indy's office to meet up with Sophia. At this point in the game, you need to choose between 3 different paths : The Team Path, The Wits Path and The Fists Path. Each of the paths have different puzzles in them. It all depends on how you want to play the game. The course of the adventure also changes depending on which path you choose.
    Team - Indy and Sofia
    Wits - Indy Only (Puzzles)
    Fists - Indy Only (Fighting)
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